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Yacht Rental - How to Choose the Right Yacht Rental Company for Your Next Vacation


Yacht rental is the act of renting, or otherwise chartering, a private sailboat or other boat to several different coastal or offshore islands and going to different or several destinations along the way. Typically this is a solitary vacation activity, however it can also be a company event. The companies involved in yacht rentals tend to be very large and usually deal with corporate travel. This is good for the traveler because the larger the company the larger the potential that they will have to have the boat they want for the duration of the trip. For the companies the benefits are similar; the larger the boat the greater the amount of miles from port that you can travel with a yacht. It also means that there is a greater amount of security because of the size of the Cozmo Yachts.


In terms of cost for yacht rentals for these services can vary from company to company and even sometimes from location to location. There are typically two types of yacht rental services that are common; charter and full service charters. Charter services involve a high level of control by the owner of the yacht, whereas full service charters give the passenger more direct access to the ship's amenities and the like. If you are going on a short sailing trip and don't need any extras then you should book a full service charter.


Charters generally fall into one of three categories; crewed, skippered, or bareboat chartering. Crewed yacht rentals are usually what people think of when they hear the word "yacht charters". Crewed ones are facilitated by a captain, a chef, and a similar number of other crew members. Most companies who offer crewed sailing trips also offer full service charters at a similar price point. For more casual travelers or for people who want a small yacht with a crew onboard but only wish to spend a couple of days on the water, skippered charters might be more suitable. Learn more about boats at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boat.


Skippered yachts are leased under a private yacht charter at www.cozmoyachts.com/. This means that the person renting the boat has no ownership stake in it, so they are not bound by any sort of schedule. Depending on the size and amenities offered, they can either choose to rent the entire ship, or just parts of it as their individual yachts. They are still responsible for paying for fuel, docking, maintenance and docking fees as well as paying their bill per month.


The most common types of private yacht rental are fully inclusive. This means that all expenses are included, which includes the price of the yacht itself, its full utilities and the likes. Some companies might have an extra charge for some amenities, like a spa treatment and night time activities, but they usually include them in an all-inclusive price. There are many different kinds of all inclusive prices. Some start at $15,000 per week for a one bedroom, four-star accommodation and can go all the way up to a staggering three-star luxury yacht.


Chartering a boat is not only cheaper than renting a yacht, but you get a better selection of boats to choose from as well. In a crewed boat tour, you could take a visit to a number of different ports around the world. For a personal yacht rental, you can pick and choose the location and activities you want to participate in while on vacation. Whether you're interested in taking a relaxing tour, sailing through the Caribbean or touring the exotic seas around the globe, there's a Yacht Rental Company waiting to take you on board!